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Zzzptm Introduces Himself
« on: February 01, 2019, 11:09:40 AM »
Hello all, I'm Zzzptm, and I'm involved in AcDec boards again.  :smug:

I started my association with online AcDec boards with the old site. I remember recovering an old forum, many years ago, and being member number 1 on the "new" version of that forum. I was active there until 2012, when I needed to step away for professional reasons - I was leaving my career as a teacher and needed to focus on ramping up my IT skills for a career in network security.

A few years later, I was brought back into the forum because I kept getting emails about getting people to be in the coaches' group. :) Since I returned to activity, the boards there went through at least one major crash and then got cut off by the host there. That was late 2018 / early 2019.

So, when talk moved to setting up a new forum, I happily volunteered. It's February 2019, and this is the third set of SMF forums that I've put together since 2015.

I participated as a decathlete in 1986, where I got as far as the second-place state team in Texas (Pearce HS, our cross-town rival, went on to win Nationals that year), and the highest-scoring Scholastic - but since they didn't count SuperQuiz in individual totals, I got the third-place overall at state.  >:(

I started teaching in 1990, switched to IT in 1995, and then returned to teaching at my old high school, Berkner, in 2002. Next year, I was the AcDec coach and I continued in that role until 2013. We made it to State in Texas each year from 2004-2012, missing only my first and last years as a coach. I've been to Nationals as an observer five times and had good times.

As I mentioned, I went back to IT in 2013, and I've been doing network security for the last 5.5 years as of this writing. I also help out doing SuperQuiz emcee work for local districts and I get to do it for Texas Region X this year. I've always loved my experiences in AcDec as a coach and decathlete - even though I could have been fine without subjective scoring meltdowns, a Varsity losing his airplane ticket, and that Honors kid that couldn't stop talking about bodily fluids in his impromptus...  ::) It's all good, though.

Thanks to AcDec, my family has taken multiple themed vacations. We've done massive road trips across the USA to go to Civil War battlefields and to follow the Grapes of Wrath path as well as to see some great geology. We've gone to Mexico, France, and Russia specifically to go and see stuff related to the AcDec theme for that year. Even though I left off coaching, we still do themed vacations. We've done a tour of Civil Rights sights, followed The Mormon Trail, checked out the cradle of American liberty around Boston, and just finished off a tour of strange sites in Texas - from a giant eyeball in Dallas to a toilet seat museum in San Antonio. Those are some great times with my family, and I've got AcDec to thank for opening up the gate to those experiences.

Feel free to comment below, of course, and feel equally free to start your own introduction thread!
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